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Assignment Questions

Paper on Child Observation

Observation Requirements You will write up a description of the observation (TOTAL PAPER
You must be able to observe cognitive, social, fine motor, and gross motor skills.
Your observation may not include any inferences. (For example, She made a face at her mother because she was mad.) ?Because she was mad? is an inference. She may have made the face because she did not like green beans, or for any other number of reasons.
You will lose points for grammatical errors.
Keep yourself out of the interview.
This means you should have no personal pronouns in your paper.
At no time should you interact with the child you are observing.
Theory Select one of the following theories and apply your observation to that theory: psychoanalytic, behavioral, social learning, cognitive, sociocultural, or epigenetic.
Write a short paragraph demonstrating how some of the things you observed apply to that theory.
Hints One task may fall into more than one category.
Be sure that you have listed it in all that apply.
Keep your task statements consistent. If you decide to use full sentences, do so throughout the observation.
Keep your verb tenses consistent.
Keep yourself out of the observation. Do not use any personal pronouns.

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