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Assignment Questions

Paper on Christology

Paper 1 – On Christology (30%): The student is to write an 8-5page synthesis paper which would consolidate and synthesize the material covered in the first portion of the course. In addition to the above, the students will be graded on the following criteria specific to this topic:
(4) How well can the student present a coherent historical account of the development of Christology?
(5) Does the student well understand and articulate the importance for the Early Church of an incarnational framework for consideration of the person of Jesus Christ.
(6) What do we mean by one person and two natures?
(7) What and when are the significant councils for this teaching and what led to these proclamations?
(8) And most importantly, how well does the student understand the answer to Jesus? question, ?Who do you say that I am?? ? Who is Jesus Christ and what does that mean for Christians?

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