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Assignment Questions

Paper on Civil Disobedience

This paper is on the topic on civil disobedience. Specifically, on individuals who have risen up against the government – willing to take the consequences because it is a noble cause they’re standing up for.
Please follow this outline:
1) Introduction: What is civil disobedience? Elaborate on this.
2) Individual Examples: Please talk about (a) dissidents from around the world, (b) Rosa Parks, and (c) Vietnam war resisters. These should be examples of people who have stood against injustice, immorality, etc., etc.
3) Closing.
Again, the goal of this paper is to talk about the subject of civil disobedience, and the philosophical questions it poses. Then, the goal is to talk about specific people who have risen up against something, or some government. These people are fully aware that by standing up, they will be punished. But they are willing to take that punishment because they know that what they are doing is right morally — although it may not be legal.

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