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Assignment Questions

Paper on the Code of Hammurabi

The purpose of this paper is to identify and discuss the first documented code of laws known collectively as the “Code of Hammurabi“. The questions that need to be answered are as follows:
1) Who was Hammurabi, where was he from, what society did he claim to be a part of “The Amorites” and what contributions other than these laws did he make to that society?
2) What led to the development of the laws he enacted and who was he within the community to make such laws? What status did he hold that would indicate his laws would be the law of the land?
3) Address some of these laws, why were they so harsh and did overall behavior of the population change as a result of these laws? Did they apply equally to everyone and if not, how were differences determined. i.e. by class, nobility, military affiliation, etc.
4) Do these laws apply anywhere today? How did they survive and what current American laws may be traced back to this code and how?
5) Would these laws work in some degree in today’s society to curb such crimes as violence, theft, adultery or rape?
6) Was society overall better off during Hammurabi‘s time as a result of such harsh justice?

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