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Assignment Questions

Part I Play in the Kingdom Paper

For this assignment, you will write a 5-page paper.You will further expound on the areas of your spiritual gifts, leadership and church evaluations, and the encouragement you have provided to church leaders.

Format Requirements for The Part I Play in the Kingdom Paper
1. Your paper must be typed in Times New Roman font
2. Your font must be 12 point ??” no larger, no smaller
3. Margins should be one inch ??” no larger, no smaller
4. Double Space

Your paper will be broken down into 5 parts:

PART ONE: My Fit in Ministry (Before) (Youth Ministry): Briefly describe where you are involved in ministry now and/or the ministry path you have been pursuing prior to taking this course. Later in your paper, you will discuss whether or not you feel this is still the ministry path you should continue or pursue. This should be at least one page long.

PART TWO: Spiritual Gifts (HEALING): Based on the strengths and weaknesses of your primary gifts, discuss whether or not they fit with your ministry path and why you feel this way. If they do not fit in your ministry path, what kinds of people would need to serve along with you for successful ministry? This should be at least one page long.

PART THREE: Church Evaluations: As you evaluated the various church ministries, did you find areas that interested you more than others? If so, what were they and why do they interest you (PRAYER)
Do your findings fit with your ministry path? (YES) This should be at least one page long.

PART FOUR: Interaction with Church Leaders: As you interacted with the church leaders, what stood out to you the most ? (HIS ABILITY TO PRAY FOR OTHERS AND PRAY FOR THIER SPIRITUAL GROWTH) How does this affect your pursuit of ministry? ( IT MAKES ME WANT TO WITNESS MORE) This should be at least one page long.

PART FIVE: My Fit in Ministry (After): Do you feel that you are on the correct ministrypath? (YES) If so, what are the next steps that you will take to prepare to serve? If not, in which direction should you go so that you can most effectively use your spiritual gifts and the knowledge you have gleaned from this course? What advice would you give to someone planning to go into ministry based on what you have learned in this course? This should be at least one page long.

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