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Assignment Questions

Periodonitis and coronary heart disease (CHD)

This is a research paper for a health class. The topic is listed below and the key question is to investigate periodonitis and coronary heart disease (CHD)[see below]. It needs to be 12pt font, times new roman, and 4 pages long. The references will be included; however, you can use other references if needed or provides info to support a claim. The class lecture slides are provided below and a sample introduction will be sent to give an idea of whats they are looking for.

Introduction Guidelines
1. Start with a brief description of the problem ( see powerpoint slide info below ??” Lecture Slides)
2. National or International Statistics and Facts (e.g., In 2010, 45% of citizens….) But don’t fill it up w/ too many statistics
3. Provide a general review of recent key studies relevant to the problem
4. Provide a reference list, of those articles ou are using in your introduction section, at the end of the assignment ( using APA formation

General hints: when writing you introduction section:
– Refer to studies by author and year (e.g., “ A study by Smith et al. (2004) reported that…”
– Do NOT use/cite websites such as Wikipedia, WedMD, etc. ( only cite original journal articles or very recent book chapters of research studies)

Lecture slides relating to topic:
Introduction to Lit. Review (past tense)
Brief description of the overall problem
??” Do not cut and paste (plagiarism)
Cite key studies, using reputable sources
??” Give statistics, facts (not just internet sources)
??” Discuss if studies to date conflict, or lack of studies
Ends with a transition to the Lit. Review

A bright smile is not just a way to express emotion; it’s also a place in food breakdown, speaking, and health potential risks. Oral hygiene is a labor of love, and if not cared for properly it can lead to other health issues. The matter is growing concern to patients and to providers, as well. Individuals with dental plaque, tooth loss along with periodontal disease are at an increased risk to cardiovascular disease. The link between oral health disease and cardiovascular disease gives reason to individuals to care about their health.

Key Topic question:
Does poor oral health link individuals to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, as it is the source of bacterium to enter the bloodstream and reduce full function of the cardiovascular system?

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