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Assignment Questions

Pop Culture Poetry

Pop Culture Poetry: Possible uses of poetry in a pop culture setting. I have to teach the poem to the class and submit an individual paper analyzing the poem. The poem is The charge of the Light Brigade and the movie is The Blind Side.
Have to discuss Who is the speaker, What is the situation, What is the purpose of the poem. By what means does the poet achieve this purpose. Discuss literary and poetic elements here. Example: plot, conflict, setting, characters, dialogue, irony, symbolism, foreshadowing, point of view, narrator, alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, rhyme, denotation, connotation, personification, apostrophe, etc,. Show how the is used in pop culture. Part of teaching the poem is explaining how and why the poem is used in this pop culture situation. Must submit a written explication using quoted lines from the poem, must contain a works cited page, should use quoted passages from the literary research.

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