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Pressure Ulcers In the Elderly During Hospital Stay

Scholarly Paper Grading Rubric

Please follow these Instructions for this issue paper


relates to Advance Nurse Practice (ANP).

Provide a succinct summary of the state of the science related to this area of interest (i.e., how rigorous the study was performed, quality and extent of the evidence, confidence and your rationale for confidence in the generalizability of the collective findings of these research studies).

For this paper, see the up loaded articles that has been attached for you to use. In this aspect of the paper you are to determine if any of the articles that you reviewed also had a theoretical framework and if that makes sense to you and why or why not.
*This section of your paper must also have a closing 3-4 sentence paragraph that states your position as to the rigor and/or quality of the reviewed scientific evidence and its generalizability to APN practice with a succinct rationale. Information regarding how to determine the rigor of a qualitative and/or quantitative study is provided in the Coughlan, M., Cronlin, P., & Ryan, F. (2007) and Ryan, F., Coughlan, M., & Cronin, P. (2007) articles. The article has been uploaded for use.

Based on your assessment of the literature, use Jean Watson’s “Theory of Human Caring” nursing theory and apply it to the issue and give a rationale for selecting that theory. ??” just make sure you state your rationale for this decision (no more than 1-2 pages).

Discuss how Jean Watson’s theory can be used to specifically examine the focus of interest or clinical question as an advanced practice nurse. Several specific examples of how this can be applied to a particular practice issue are required as an APN. What is currently occurring in your practice area pertaining to your selected practice problem/issue? Now that you are better informed with scientific evidence from your literature review, how can you specifically influence and/or create change in your setting as an APN. BROAD STATEMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE ??” WHAT IS YOUR SPECIFIC MEASURABLE OBJECTIVE AND ACTION PLAN TO CREATE THIS CHANGE?

The paper should be written following the guidelines of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, 6th edition. In addition, the paper is expected to be well organized, and have a logical flow of ideas with appropriate headings (pages 62-63 of 6th edition) and citations used. Paper must have a minimum of five primary references with the majority in the last 5 years (e.g., 3 research and the other 2 can be pertaining to the theoretical framework selected and/or other background information). Within the paper, make specific statements pertaining to application rather than broad generalized statements. No more than 9 pages excluding title page, abstract and references.

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