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Assignment Questions

Problems and Solutions to World Poverty

Now for the best part: you will have a very creative format for your assignment.

You will create a script of a conversation between two people?a dialogue. This will be like writing a scene for a movie or television show. Have fun! Use characters from your favorite movies, television shows, and books if you like. You may also simply make up your characters.

In your script, you?ll be describing through your two characters a social problem. One of the characters is part of the problem?the cause?and the other is part of a solution, the ?cure? that would help you and your world. Some examples of social problems include world poverty and hunger, intolerance of differences among people, and a list that could go on and on.

You are encouraged to think carefully and creatively. Of course, not all social problems are created equal, but you are free to choose among them. Do not feel you must choose in order of importance. Possible problems could include ignorance, bad driving, unfairness, not recycling, gossiping, abuse of children and the elderly, or illiteracy.

Brainstorm ideas until you have an idea that feels right to you: one with which you connect and that you have confidence exploring further.

Create a thesis that justifies why your ?cure? is important. This is again a kind of cause and effect writing called problem-solution writing. You identify the problem and suggest the cure (solution).

What should you cover in your ?script??

1.What are at least three causes of this problem?
2.How does this problem affect your daily life or the life of others? Mention at least three effects.
The script should be 500 words or greater.

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