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Professional Research Paper on Negotiation

I want a professional research paper for our clients in true negotiation stories in history and also in the current and the lessons learned from these true negotiations.

For example–this is a great negotiation story from history:

“The year was 1912, and the U.S. presidential election was in full swing. Former President Theodore Roosevelt had decided to return to the political arena due to his frustration with the way his successor, President William Howard Taft, had been running the country. It was a tough campaign, and every day seemed to present a new challenge. But here was a challenge that no one had anticipated: three million copies of Roosevelt’s photograph had already been printed for circulation with a campaign speech when Roosevelt’s campaign manager discovered a catastrophic blunder – the photographer had not been asked for permission to use the photograph. To make matters worse, copyright law allowed the photographer to demand as much as $1 per copy of the photograph. In 1912, a loss of $3 million would be equivalent to a loss of more than $60 million today. No campaign could afford this price. The alternative was almost equally unattractive; reprinting three million brochures would be tremendously costly and could cause serious delays. The campaign manager would have to try to negotiate a better deal with the photographer. If you were the campaign manager, how would you handle this negotiation?

Now consider how Roosevelt’s manager dealt with the situation. After carefully analyzing the problem, he sent the following telegram to the photographer: “Planning to distribute three million copies of campaign speech with photographs. Excellent publicity opportunity for photographers. How much are you willing to pay to use your photographs?” Respond immediately.

The photographer did not take long to issue a reply. He sent back a telegram with the following message: “Appreciate opportunity, but can only afford $250.”


I am looking for 10-15 great stories of negotiations with the specific lessons learned from each story.

An introduction and also a summary.

Thank you, Lisa Miller

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