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Assignment Questions

Project Management In a Wedding

“The Wedding” . You will follow every step and answer questions in a presentation format.
Report Format:
You should use 12 pt, Times New Roman font. You can use charts, graphs, illustrations, etc. or other visual aids to enhance your report. The report should follow the format below:

Introduction – includes an opening paragraph that has a clearly identifiable statement of purpose for your report. Your central idea is stated here. Your introduction should also contain a preview of major points for discussion.

Body – includes all of the information that is described in the Project Description.

Conclusion – summarizes the discussion and ties the main points together in a meaningful way.

Reference Sheet – include a list of reference sources. Place these in alphabetical order according to author’s last name. The list identifies the source used (name of book, journal, magazine, etc.) and the date of publication. If you used website, reference the web address. You should follow APA guidelines for citations and references.
1. Make a list of assumptions that will be used as the basis for planning the
wedding. And no, it is not acceptable to assume that Tony and Peggy Sue
will just elope, no matter how tempting that may be!
2. Develop a work breakdown structure.
3. Make a list of the specific activities that need to be done between now and
the wedding day.
4. For each activity, identify the person (Tony, Peggy Sue, etc.) who will be
responsible for seeing that the activity is accomplished.
5. Create a network diagram that shows the sequence and dependent relation-ships of all the activities.

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