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Assignment Questions

Prostitution Violence against women in Los Angeles

This paper is a Social Problem Solution Paper: In an outline form. For Example:

The first heading can be titled: Background: Then the second heading: History: third Community or Population:

Part 1. Provide historical facts about Prostitution/Violence against women specifically in Los Angeles. Provide fact about the population and the communities most effected.

Part 2. Provide a solution to the problem (Violence against Women in City of Los Angeles) Reviewing any new social institutions and agencies that would be involved with the solution. Include any social changes that would be employed. Try to come up with a plausible solution for that specific social problem. Please go to www.ulv.edu and go to Wilson Library and you can access the scholarly database last name mccowen/ 1829756 Password. Citations must come from social science related texts and contemporary current events. This Social Problem paper must be related in the city of Los Angeles.

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