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Providing an Employer-Sponsored childcare Facility

My topic is as follows:
Providing an Employer-Sponsored childcare Facility
If we provide an employee sponsored child care facility at a lower rate than outside facilities and offer extended hours, it would be beneficial to our workforce, consumers and the organization. It is important for us as an organization to focus on understanding family issues that are faced by our workforce and working families.

Researched Proposal Assignment Guidelines
For the researched proposal, you will identify a problem or issue in your present or past workplace. This may be your current place of employment, or a previous place of employment.
The assignment objective is to propose a solution to a work problem or issue, and to present that solution to a decision-maker or group of decision-makers who can implement the recommendation. You will support your proposal with research.
Over the course of the term, you will develop a concrete, practical solution to the problem that can be implemented. Reference sources will be included that explain the problem, issue and/or support the solution.
The proposal will include the components outlined on page 140 of Flood. A model student paper is posted in Doc Sharing as well to help guide your organization of the proposal. Include the following:
•Cover memo or letter depending upon audience explaining the attached proposal
•Headline information presented as a cover page
•Table of contents
•Introduction in the form of an executive summary
•Body of the proposal ??” use subheadings to break up text and separate sections
•Conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution
•End matter to include reference page and any other data suitable for this section of the report

Checklist: You will want to ensure your submission contains the following:
•Cover page, Table of contents, Executive summary
•Statement of the problem or concern,
•Assessment of the problem from all stakeholders point of view
•Development of the body of the proposal
•Support of your comments, and conclusions using your research
•Conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution
•Reference Page

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