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Assignment Questions

Psychoanalytical study paper

The paper is a psychoanalytical study which should be adhered to Jacques Lacan approach (Lacanian criticism) of analysis. The paper should attempt to uncover how the texts symbolically represent elements of the real, imaginary and symbolic orders. By identifying the symbolic representations of these orders within the texts, we would then examine how each of these symbols demonstrates the fragmentary nature of the self. Such a demonstration would show the reader that all individuals are actually splintered selves. The overall purpose of the paper is to show that a fully integrated and psychologically whole person does not exit and that we must all accept fragmentation.

The paper should be divided into sections. And it should presume that the reader has no knowledge about Lacanian psychoanalysis approach which is expected to be sufficiently introduced. Yet, focus of the paper is on applying Lacanian psychoanalysis approach on the 2 texts (Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf And Tennessee Williams’ A Caton a Hot Tin Roof).

– One page abstract is included.
– 5 keywords (listed in alphabetical order) to be mentioned.
– no footnotes.


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