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Assignment Questions

Purpose of Vocational Education and its oppressive nature

 Both Freire and Postman make arguments about the purpose of education. For your research essay, you will investigate an education problem of your choosing and use the ideas of either Freire (CHAPTER 2 OF PEDAGOGY OF THE OPPRESSED) edu/~corbetre/philosophy/education/freire/freire-2.html> or Postman (The entire book of The End of Education) to analyze the problem and propose a solution.

Possible topics include, but are certainly not limited to: online education, bilingual education, single-sex education, the Black English or “Ebonics” debate, the Affirmative Action debate, charter schools/school vouchers (or “privatization” of the school system), vocational education, the teacher tenure debate, the funding of public education, the college achievement gap and retention debate, etc. I encourage you to take a cue from Freire and consider your “historicity” as a starting point to formulate a research question. Choose a problem that somehow relates to your world, your reality. What has bothered you about your educational experiences? What would you like to see changed? ****I want to talk about inequality in educational system as a Japanese woman which is a reflection of opressive outside world*****

• Essay must be 8 pages long (not including the Works Cited page).
• You must cite at least 6 substantive sources (including either Freire or Postman), which you will paraphrase, quote directly, OR use figures/facts/stats/ideas from.
• At least one source must be from an academic journal.
• At least one source must be from a newspaper.
• You must cite your sources in MLA format (including the Works Cited page).
• Your paper must be formatted using MLA style.

As this is a research paper with a clear argumentative thesis and NOT a book report, you will not be regurgitating pure information; all information in the paper will clearly support in some way your thesis or controlling idea and its main supporting ideas (or “reasons”). This is basically a long argumentative essay with research as support for your main ideas. Your essay will be evaluated on how well you cohesively develop and support a thesis that responds to the prompt. You’ll also be judged on how well you write, how smoothly you link ideas, and how well you integrate the course text with research material.

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