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Assignment Questions

Qatar World Cup

Please find my assignment attached also I have attached the reading materials and the assignment guidelines. The report should be
6,000 words in length excluding the cover page, one page Executive Summary, contents page and Reference List page

Practitioner ??” Integrative Assignment

In 8 years’ time the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar. Building of venues is already underway,
and the event is attracting global publicity.
Assume that you have been assigned to a task force being set up with the accountability for
establishing the organisation that will manage the whole event. You are one of a small number of
“procurement experts” who have been appointed to the team.
Your role will be pivotal in the development of the purchasing and logistics function and the design
of the supporting business relationships, processes, systems and procedures within the new
organisation. For the purpose of this case study, you should assume that construction of the event
venues is outside the scope of your remit, and they will be handed over to your organisation at least
12 months before the event.
Your task is to prepare a report for the event steering group. They have asked you to:
“Make proposals for the structure, business processes and other considerations
necessary to ensure a quality purchasing and logistics service is established to
support the World Cup 2022.”

The report should be 6,000 words in length. Appendices do not count towards this limit. Where you
feel it necessary to include detailed descriptions of models and techniques you have used, these
should be included in an appendix.
You are not being assessed on the accuracy of the assumptions you make about the budget or
organisation of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, though you are expected to use publically available
information. If necessary you can make assumptions about the kind expenditure required, where
this is necessary to write your report ??” the only requirement being that it should be appropriate for
the situation.
You are expected to use the materials presented in the programme, along with research into the
application of good practice procurement and how it adds demonstrable value to organisations, and
research into how similar major events have managed their procurement. External research is
essential to gaining full marks on this assignment, as is a general understanding of procurement
knowledge covered by the CIPS qualifications programme at level 3 and 4.

A report of this nature could run to over 100 pages in reality, which is way beyond the limit expected
for this assignment. You should focus on what you believe are the key areas for an organisation of
this type. If there are important areas that you cannot address within the word count, you should
give them a brief mention to show you are aware of their significance, and indicate that you have
not included further detail due to the assignment limitations.
And remember, you are not being asked to plan the whole event ??” only to look at the supply base it
will need, and how it should be organised for best performance and value.

Learning outcomes

Completing this assignment successfully will mean that you have demonstrated that you have

1. An understanding of the principles of good practice procurement, and how
organisations manage their supply bases.
2. The important elements need in establishing a new procurement team in a new
3. That you can apply procurement thinking throughout the whole of the procurement
4. Your ability to understand the organisation’s objectives and context and adapt the
procurement and logistics approaches to these objectives and the context.
5. An ability to provide proposals which identify, propose, prioritise and recommend
workable organisational and process solutions to the business and internal
stakeholder needs of a new organisation
6. How to balance the requirements for honesty and probity with the requirements for
achieving best value.
7. That major organisations need to adopt a range of different approaches and tactics
to managing value and performance in their supply base.
8. The need to build relationships with a range of new suppliers, as well as internally
with a range of stakeholders.

Marking Scheme

Your assignment will be marked against the following criteria

Marking criteria
Maximum percentage
available to candidate
Overall achievement of learning objectives set, methodical
approach, quality and relevance of analysis and discussion,
innovation where appropriate. Completeness of answer and
answering in context, where a context is given.
Use of programme content and wider research to answer
questions set where appropriate
Conclusions and recommendations. Use of analysis to support
outcomes, objectivity, and recognition of impact of issues
discussed within context set.
Presentation of assignment, logically structured discussion, and
appropriate use of diagrams, tables and graphs to support the
case made. Acknowledgement of information sources. Within
10% of word target.
Total 100%
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