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Assignment Questions

Questions on Chemical Recations

Answer the following Biology questions, please keep the numbers to each question and answer in tact. Format does not matter. Thanks.

1. What are the characteristics of living things?
2. What does the science of biology encompass?
3. What is evolution?
4. What are atoms and molecules?
5. Why is water so important to life?
6. What are carbohydrates?
7. What are lipids?
8. What are proteins?
9. What are nucleic acids?
10. How does energy flow in chemical reactions?
11. What are enzymes?
12. Draw prokaryotic cell and label all organelles:
13. Draw Eukaryotic cell and label all organelles:
14. How is light energy converted to chemical energy?
15. How is chemical energy stored in glucose molecules?
16. How is glucose metabolized?
17. Describe glycolysis:
18. What is the composition of chromosomes?
19. What is the structure of DNA?
20. How does DNA replication ensure genetic constancy?
21. How are genes and protein related?
22. What is the role of RNA in protein synthesis?
23. How do mutations in DNA affect the function of genes?
24. How are genes regulated?
25. What are the events of the prokaryotic cell cycle?
26. What are the events of the eukaryotic cell cycle?
27. What are the phases of mitosis?
28. What are the events of Meiosis?
29. What are the events of Cytokinesis?
30. How did Gregor Mendel lay the foundations for modern genetics?
31. How are single traits inherited?
32. How are multiple traits on different chromosomes inherited?
33. How are human disorders investigated?
34. How are human disorders caused by single genes inherited?
35. What is biotechnology?
36. How does DNA recombination occur in nature?
37. What are some methods of biotechnology?
38. What are some application of biotechnology?
39. How do we know that evolution has occurred?
40. What is Darwin theory of evolution?
41. How are populations, genes, and evolution related?
42. What causes evolution?
43. How does natural selection work?
44. What causes extinction?
45. What is a species?
46. How do new species form?
47. How is reproductive isolation between species maintained?
48. How did life begin?
49. What were the earliest organisms like?
50. How did multicellularity arise?
51. How did life invade the land?
52. How are organisms named and classified?
53. Which organisms make up the prokaryotic domains?
54. Which organisms make up the protista domains?
55. What are the main adaptations of fungi?
56. What are the key features and evolutionary origin of plants?
57. What characteristics define an animal?
58. What are the tissues and cell types of plant?
59. Roots:
60. Stems:
61. Leaves:
62. How do plant acquire nutrients and water?
63. How are flowers structured?
64. How do seeds and fruits develop?
65. How do seeds germinate and grow?
66. How do animals maintain internal constancy?
67. What is adaptation?
68. What are the functions of circulatory systems?
69. What are the functions of blood?
70. What are the functions of lymphatic system?
71. What are functions of respiratory system?
72. What nutrients animals need?
73. How do human digest food?
74. What are the functions of urinary system?
75. What are the key characteristics of the immune response?
76. How are threats recognized?
77. List diseases of immune system:
78. What are the characteristics of animal hormones?
79. What are the functions of endocrine system?
80. What are the functions of nervous system?
81. What are the structure and functions of neuron?
82. How do sensory receptors work?
83. How is sound sensed?
84. How is light sensed?
85. How are chemicals sensed?
86. How do animals reproduce?
87. How can fertility be limited?
88. How do innate and learned behavior differ?
89. How do animals communicate?
90. Can biology explain human behavior?
91. How do populations grow?
92. How is population growth regulated?
93. How are populations distributed?
94. What are the ecosystems?
95. What are the pathways of energy and nutrients through ecosystems?
96. What is causing acid rain and global warming?
97. What factors influence Earth?s climate?
98. What are requirements of life?
99. How is life on land distributed?
100.How is life in water distributed?

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