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Assignment Questions

Reducing cognitive dissonance

Subject: Is Social Psychology

The paper should be 2 typed pages long for the Question 1 and 2 typed pages long for Question 2 with a total of at least 4 pages.

1. Some psychologists suggest you can reduce cognitive dissonance by restoring positive self-evaluations that are threatened by the dissonance. Elliot and Devine (1994) refer to this as self-affirmation. Give an example of a time in your life when you reduced an unpleasant internal state in some self-affirming way.
2. In what ways does the author of “Decoding the New MTV-Speak” poke fun at advertisers and advertising? Why does the author question the audience and the purpose of advertising? Distinguish between the central (systematic processing) and the peripheral (heuristic processing) routes for processing persuasive messages and explain when we engage in each of these two distinct modes of thought.

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