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Religious Values in War and Peace

My topic is Religious Values in War and Peace

I am basically looking for two things in your research paper: Research and Thought. I want to see well-organized, well-researched, and well-presented papers on topics that are personally engaging for you. Ideally, you will take this opportunity to explore areas that you have always wanted to discover, answer questions that have always plagued you, raise questions that have always been begging to be posed , plunge into worlds that have seemed either esoteric or mysterious, and/or to uncover new dimensions of religiosity that have hitherto seemed camouflaged by custom and culture.

Quite obviously this is an invitation to explore a wide and diverse variety of religious themes and issues, as religion and religious issues intersect at practically every juncture of life. Religion is particularly instrumental in the forming of values. Everything at one time or another has been used for religious purposes or has been interpreted in a religious light. The religions of the world provide, indeed, a vast ground for exploration.

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