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Assignment Questions

reproductive biology of rotifers

1.it must contain at least 10 full pages of typing and illustrations, although no more than 2 full pages can be taken up by illustrations. the typing is to be doubled spaced with one inch margins and should be in an easily readable 12 point font.
2.one half to a full page should be an introduction. one half page should be a statement or analysis of the major questions or problems associated with the topic. three to five pages should consist of observations or evidence that have bearing on the question or problems you’ve raised.one to two pages should be on recommendations for specific research to solve the problems or answer the question, and the remainder should concern the significance of the work you’ve discussed. give each section a heading.
3.you should cite at least seven references that you used to obtain information for the paper. at least 4 references must be from primary research articles.(research articles are those, when published, provide the first description, results, and interpretations of experiments, theoretical models, or conceptual issues)
4.some of these journal must be used if possible:
american naturalist
biological bulletin
bulletin of marine science
canadian journal of zoology
ecological entomology
ecological monographs
journal of crustacean biology
journal of experimental bilogy
journal of experimental zoology
jounal of invertebrate pathology
journal of morphology
journal of parasitology
journal of protozoology
journal of zoology
marine biology
physiological zoology
southwestern natualist
systematic zoology
transcations of the american microscopical society
zoological journal of linnaean society
5.if possible, i would like copies sent with paper of the aritcles used and other research used throughout the paper.
6. i would also like the paper sent via mail to my home and also by email.
7. it should also have a cover page.

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