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Assignment Questions

Research About Vaccines

Read and review information found at:
o http://www.adarc.org/frame.asp?var=about_HIV
o http://www.biology.arizona.edu/immunology/tutorials/AIDS/main.html

•Conduct independent Web research on vaccines
•Describe in your own words how vaccines work. Be sure address the following in your summary:
oWhat do scientists target on the virus or bacterium?
oWhat are antigens? What role do antigens play in creating the vaccine?
oWhat are T cells? What are B cells? What are memory cells? What role do these cells play?
oWhat are antibodies?
oCite your sources.

•Suppose that is circa 1988. At this point in time, no one has every attempted to create an HIV vaccine. You are the scientist contemplating how to make the very first one. Based on what you’ve learned about how HIV enters the cell and replicates, how would you approach its development? What molecule on the surface of the virus do you think would be a good target? Be sure to use proper MLA citation

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