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Assignment Questions

Research based on the catcher in the rye

Writing a research based paper like a scenario that you are joining a conversation about a topic and now you review all those opinions and add orginal ideas to the conversation. Literary research paper on one particular text (the catcher in the rye) that includes at least 4 outside sources and ONLY one can be Internet-only. Spend a large portion of the paper presenting your research findings (the multiple perspectives associated with the text). Think of informing readers of all those other voices that have already joined the conversation. After presenting the viewpoints, add own ideas about the text and show how it fits into the larger discussion. You might agree or disagree with some of the sources or you might add to an already established arguement, but you must add something new to the conversation. Also use some academic sources from databases as means of research. The paper needs: a specific, focused, and clearly written thesis statement, support for thesis, MLA documentation, and organizational strategy.

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