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Assignment Questions

Research for New Product Development

dear writer
I want to write research for new product development subject ( NPD)
our product idea is :1- something similar to transformational chair for kids.. But we were thinking of adding more details, for example: baby cocoons, baby carriers, transformational chair, wearable feeding bottle ūüôā temperature measuring baby dish.
Market & Trend Analysis (2p) (find data to confirm the trends) SM
Note: please write about current trends happening around the world. What mothers are doing, what kids are interested in, etc. ( comparing between USA, Arab , Korean market 2012-2013)
Birth rates, premiums, income levels, demographics….furniture investments
Market segment: 0.6 months – 4 years old
Market trend analysis:
Korean Trend:
1 Number of children in family decreased
2 Government policy that encourages giving birth
3 Limited space in the apartment
a Smaller space, yet more expensive
4 Cost increasing
5 Quality of life increasing
a demand for fashionable items
b People became richer
6 More single parents
7 Later marriages
8 More spending on children
9 Children are more ?sophisticated? and demand more
10 Annual baby market growth of 20%
a Premium market was growing besides the economic crisis
11 More working mothers

1 Child Services
2 Functionality/ Fashionable
3 Reduced physical efforts of parents
4 Tactile development of child
5 Durability
6 Price considerations
7 Safety

Customers: Mothers as they are the decision makers
if you can add a charts how much people spend for a child, etc
2- 6 Idea Generation (1p) Ch5-6 from ( new products management tenth edition by merle Crawford and Anthony di Benedetto )
a- details of 3-4 idea generation techniques you used
b- generates lots of ideas

can you write the sources please
for Citation Style anything not only harvard

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