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Assignment Questions

Research n Education

Using the below references identify the goals or research question(s) the articles in the studies addressed and the findings and results related to each of the research goal(s) and question(s). Include the complete citation in correct APA style, and the URL for each of the below articles. Finally, provide an assessment as to the credibility of those report findings by answering the following questions:

1. Do they seem defensible in light of the way the research study was carried out?
2. Why or Why not?

?Fourth-Year Report: 2000.? (January 2000) U.S. Government Website.
Retrieved 10 Jan 2005 at http://www.ed.gov/pubs/charter4thyear/b3.html#4

Harvard University. (2004) ?Harvard University and National Bureau of Economic
Research: Achievement in Charter Schools and Regular Public Schools in
The United States: December 2004. Charter Schools Website. Retrieved 10
Jan 2005 at http://www.wacharterschools.org/learn/index_studies.htm

Schemo, Jean. (Aug 17 2004) ?Charter Schools Trail in Results: U.S. Data
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