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Assignment Questions

Research on Cardiovascular Disease

These is no specific topic for this assignment. This essay is more like a hypothesis study. The instruction for this assignment is:

“You have been contracted to test the hypothesis that decreased consumption of cholesterol decreases mortality from cardiovascular disease. Assume that you have been given lots of time and money, and told to do a really good study. Outline how you would conduct this study. Be specific about what you would do.”

Here are some criteria that has to be considered:

Ethics – you should not be designing a study that is putting someone at risk for increased problems or increased disease/death

Sample Group – you must talk about who is being studies, how they are selected, age etc…with reasons as to why you are using this group

What type of design you chose is up to you, it must make sense and must not manipulate people’s lifestyles….. remember that you are testing the hypothesis.

Methods and Measurements – be sure to include how you are observing and measuring these people….dietary intake? blood tests? weight gain etc…

Comparison and results – you must talk about how you are going to analyze the data, what you expect to see etc….how long is the study going to be..

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