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Assignment Questions

Research on Child Physiology

Answer one of the following questions in a 4 page paper.
What are come of the psycho-social difficulties that parents of young children with severe disabilites may cope with during their child‘s early years?

You May use Chapter 8 in this text book if you can get a hold of it: Home and School Relations by Olsen and Fuller (most recent edition)Pearson Publishing, ISBN:0-205-49840-x
PAPERBACK EDITION. However, I am also providing you with a reference list that you can also use in addition to the book or if you can’t get a hold of the book.

Suggested reference list for question on Psycho Social difficulties

Read chapter 8 in Home -School Relations.

For additional resources refer to the following bibliography—


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*** Also please write the paper on a Master’s degree level but let it be clear and understandable as well…Thank you!!!

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