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Assignment Questions

Research on Chronic Illness

his project should consist of 2-3 very descriptive paragraphs. Double spaced, APA style, no plagiarism.
Q 1. Describe the purpose of a research study framework. Briefly describe the six important concepts to a quantitative study design. List the type of quantitative research design and briefly describe how each would be used in a research study.

Q 2. Describe sampling theory, including the concepts of population, target population, sampling criteria, sampling frame, subject or participant, sampling plan, sample representativeness, sampling error, and systematic bias. Write the elements of power analysis.
Write the types of reliability and validity and discus why these are important to a research study.

This next project should be two pages in length, double spaced, APA, no plagiarism. The documents that have been sent to you are for referencing.
1. Questions:
1. Define the term “chronic illness“.
List the most frequently occurring disorders in older adults associated with chronicillnesses.
2. Discuss how chronic illness affects older adults in 3-5 sentences.
3. Discuss how chronic illness affects the caregivers in 3-5 sentences.
4. What are 3 resources available to provide for and plan interventions for the caregivers to prevent burnout?.
5. In your own words, write a brief description of the following terms: acute care, rehabilitation, home care and long term care.

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