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Assignment Questions

Research on Cleopatra

Hello Dear Writer,

I have to describe what I need for this paper. For this seminar research paper I will place an additional order that I want you to be the same person for this order and as well for the next one. The reason is because at this point i need the abstract that will be based on the next order of the complete seminar research paper.

I have a topic that I would like you to based your thought. It has to be with the lose and how this is performed in the play of Antonio and Cleopatra. This paper must have three scholarly articles either by Jstor or Folger Shakespeare Library or psychological studies may be academic search complete. I am going through a severe time limit family issue and have no time to research the articles but I believe this is better so you can have the freedom to choose what is the most related articles with this topic of the paper.

So, I need to have a page for the Abstract, please which you will completed and you will let me know how to extent this order from this step to the next.

And in one of the three scholarly articles we will use for the seminar paper I need the one with the least pages to be the one for the Precis.

I need it and this is why I say four pages in today’s order because I have in mind one page for the abstract and three for the Precis .
It has to be about three pages with no more of three quoted citations from the article.

It is most neccessary to show in this summary the point that I understand what is about in the article in step by step and in order thank to quote the article.

Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be explained , thank you so much


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