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Research on the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine

Alternative Research Assignment: Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine

There has been an increase trend in the rate of occurrence of oral cancers. We all have known and discussed with our patients the dangers of smoking and alcohol use as a potential source. A recently identified etiology is the HPV -16 virus. Early in the Republican primary debates there was heated discussion about Rick Perry’s mandate to have all girls vaccinated. Health advocates worried that the vaccine itself was stigmatized by some of the misleading information presented during the debates. What do you think? What do you know about this vaccine?

Please answer the following questions/areas in the research paper.
1. Background information on HPV including statistical information on the incidences of cervical and oral cancer in the United States that may be linked to this virus.
2. History of the vaccine –name the two vaccines, manufacturers, time on the market, cost, availability
3. What is the federal role- what agencies are involved in this policy debate? Please be sure to include information on ACIP
a. Identify who is the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
b. What federal department and thus agency is responsible for this committee
c. How many members are on the committee – how are they elected to the committee
d. What power does this committee have? Can they make law?
4. What is the state role? Site an example of a minimum of four examples of HPV vaccineintroduced legislation in 2011-12 at the state level.
5. State three reasons why as a policymaker the vaccine should be required of all girls entering 6th grade.
6. State two reasons why as a policymaker the vaccine should not be mandated for young girls.
7. State your personal perspective? What would you do as a parent? Healthcare provider?

Students will need a minimum of 5-8 current professional sources. I encourage you to view the tutorial on this topic at www.kff.org. The paper must be a minimum of 10 pages (maximum 15 pages) and follow proper APA formatting. The paper must be submitted using the drop box by MAY 6 BY 10:00 AM. Early submissions are appreciated (and may receive bonus points).

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