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Research paper on Charlie Chaplin

This is a research paper on Charlie Chaplin for my final in Critical Film Studies. The paper has to start with his acting career; how he started his acting career, how he came to America, and how he created his famous character “the tramp” . The paper has to include three of his best movies; First his silent movie “The Kid”, his first talkie “Modern Times”, and “The Great Dictator” the paper has to evaluate and compare Charlie Chaplin‘s performance, editing style of the film, story, musical score between the three movies that I listed above. The paper has to also include how he founded the studio “United Artists”. The essay should end with Charlie Chaplin‘s first Oscar in 1972 for the movie “Limelight” it should talk about his performance in the movie and what made him get the Oscar. Specific details that have to be included after you mention a name of all the film for the first time, it has to mention director’s name and the year the film came out, example: Casablanca (Curtiz, 1942). All movie names have to be in italic font throughout the whole paper. After you mention a character name for the first time write actor’s name in brackets, example: Rick Blaine (Humprey Bogart). The paper has to be in MLA format with 1 inch margin, double spaced. It has to include only academic sources such as books, university articles etc.. (no wikipedia or IMDB or anything of that category). If you are using a quote, the period has to go inside a quotation mark. Quotes from books have to include writer’s name and page number. Example: (Doherty, page 43) and every source from the web has to include a link on the bottom of the page with a reference number to the source that has been used.

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