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Assignment Questions

Research Paper on Sexual Harrassment

This is subject called Industrial Relations.

I want you to write a research paper on Sexual harassment, you should address the following question:

1-What is sexual harassment?
2-How is it different from workplace bullying?
3-How does the law deal with it?
4-What are employers doing about it?

This is a research paper and it is vital that your work be substantiated with relevant and high quality research material. It is expected that at lest 15 peer reviewed articles are cited.

The paper should be set out as a report which includes an executive summary, table of contents introduction, conclusion and bibliography.

1-Discussion points: topics and issues raised; level of analysis;
2-References: quality and quantity of research material cited;
3-Written Work: Clarity, logical organization, grammar &spelling.


Here are some of referncess that can help you to write the paper,

ACIRRT 1999 Australia at Work, Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training, Sydney.

Wright, C. 1995, The Management of Labour., A History of Australian Employers, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Alexander, R. and Lewer, J (1998) Understanding Australian Industrial Relations, Harcourt Brace (pub).

Fox, C.B., Howard, W.A., and Pittard, M.J. (1995), Industrial Relations in Australia, Development, Law and Operation, Longman, Australia.

Dabscheck, B., Griffin, G. and Teicher, J. 1992, Contemporary Industrial Relations, Longman Cheshire.

Relevant Journals:
Journal of Industrial Relations
Australian Bulletin of Labour
Labour and Industry
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resource Management;
On-line resources available at the library home page:

Web Resources:
www.airc.gov.au provides information about the Australian Industrial Relations Commission
www.wagenet.gov.au provides all commission decisions and agreements

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