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Assignment Questions

Response to Showdown with Iran video

This paper is a response to a video (Showdown with Iran) available in

The paper is related to the video, but it is all about a response to the four questions after watching the video:

1) Do you agree that the U.S efforts to install democracy in Iran have served the Iranian interests? If yes why? And if Not why?
2) With respect to the current war in Iraq what roles does Iran play in this conflict?
3) Tracking the tension between United States and Iran: What are best/worst case scenarios facing the two countries against each other.
4) Do you think that the video is relevant to the themes of the course Middle East in WorldAffairs? How? And do you recommend this video for other viewers?

The paper is not a complete video review, it is a response to these four questions relating the video.
Introduction and conclusion are required.

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