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Assignment Questions

Rituals of Resistance

Young, Jason Randolph. “Rituals of Resistance: The Making of an African-Atlantic Religious Complex in Kongo and along the Sea Islands of the Slave South.” Ph.D., diss., University of California-Riverside, 2002.

Dissertation Chapter Reviews

Introduction, 1-27. and Chapter Four, All God’s Children Had Wings: Flight, Transmigration and Other Sacred Movements of Southern Slaves,

Guidelines for Reviewing the Dissertation Chapters

1.What is the author’s thesis?
This question deals with the author’s central point, argument, or main idea. What is the author’s intent or purpose in writing the essay or text you are examining?

2. In presenting her/his thesis, what is the author’s method of approach? In other words, by what means does the author present her/his thesis?
By method of approach we mean the means by which the author presents and supports her/his thesis. For example, what kinds of sources does the author use? Are they primary or secondary sources, government documents, newspaper accounts, personal interviews, works written by other scholars on the subject, or the author’s own observations or experiences, etc.?

3. What are the author’s main points?
To support the author’s thesis, what are the main points or arguments s/he presents? You can list them in order of importance or in their order of presentation in the text.

4.What are the author’s conclusions?
What does the author conclude from the thesis and the main points s/he offers to support the thesis?

5.What are your impressions of the work?
This is your opportunity to offer your critique, your own views and reactions to the text, whether positive or negative, as a concluding statement, without using first person in your writing.

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