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Assignment Questions

Robert Rauschenberg’s visual arts

This assignment is for capstone online course.
we will discuss Robert Rauschenberg’s visual arts, in terms of our theme of “Transformation”
1)why does he “see” things differently than anyone else?
2)what was his inspiration to become an artist?
3)How did he, and in how many ways did he,transform the visual art?
4)Briefly discuss the transformation that is most impressive to you?
5)In what way do you think RobertR’s dyslexia impacted the way he expressrd himself artistically?
6)Make a question for a classmate to answer.
answer all the qustions and number your answers in the same sequence as the questions.
visit the Wadsworth Atheneum site to view his work.
Robert Rauschenberg: inventive Genius, American Masters Series 1999,avaiable at http://www.amazon.com
or,google his name to see more,
Thank you^^

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