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Assignment Questions

Russian Language As The Second Official Language in Ukraine

Topic for the research paper: Russian language as a second official language in Ukraine.

Thesis statement should sound something like: Russian language should receive a status as a second official language in Ukrain because of its increasing use (in Ukraine).

This research report must take the argumentative option, arguing a point of view on a controversial topic. You must take a position and convince your reader it’s the right one. In this option, there must be a definable position against your point of view. The pros and cons of the point of view must be provided.

Audience: You are writing for a publication read by undergraduate majors in your field. You can assume that your audience has some familiarity with the topic. But keep professional jargon to a minimum.

You must cite at least six sources that you have consulted in your research. At least one of these must be a book. And at least one must be an article from a scholarly journal that you did not use in the previous paper. Sources may include books, periodicals (popular or scholarly), and Web sites. The sources should be listed according to MLA format. Although reference books like dictionaries and encyclopedias may be helpful in your research, they do NOT count as sources.

Documentation: You will be using in-text citations according to MLA style, just as you did in the Article Review.

Quotations: Use well but sparingly. No more than 10% of the paper should consist of quoted material.

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