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Assignment Questions


SAT is an entrance requirement for many selective colleges in the U.S. Accordingly, many American high school students invest considerable amount of time and energy and even money to prepare for the test. But the question is, how effective or accurate is the SAT as a predictor of a student’s success in college? Moreover, what kind of intelligence or skill does it measure? Is the SAT biased against certain groups? such as blacks? ESL students? Latinos? Asians? females? poor students?

Please organize the paper in the following manner:

I. Problem
II. Background (how the SAT originated and evolved to the present)
III. state research questions
IV. method of research
V. Anticipated Findings
VI. Bibliography
VII. Argument matrix (most important!)

For the Argument matrix, please alternate between “pro” and “con” for the SAT. Add quotation from a reliable source for each “pro” or “con” argument. List at least 3 pros and 3 cons: 3 arguments for keeping the SAT because of its importance/value as a measure of a student’s ability/intelligence, etc. + 3 arguments against using the SAT as a college entrance requirement, stating specifice reasons.

Also, please use authentic, reliable references that I will be able to look up myself: for example, books, electronic journals, magazine articles, websites that a 3rd person can research and verify of its authenticity. Especially when quoting, please include page number and cited source, so that I or anyone else can do background check. Furthermore, for each paragraph throughout the paper, use at least one quotation.

Finally, use sources that are relatively new: 1980s to the present.

Thank you.

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