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Assignment Questions

Satirical Themes in Voltaire’s Candide

Discuss 4 or 5 major satirical themes seen in Voltaire”s Candide (ie..aristocratic snobbery, religious bigotry, state militarism, Elightment ideals, human nature)
Format- MLA style:
1 Introduction (one paragraph)
2 First Theme (one or two paragraphs)
3 Second Theme (one or Two paragraphs)
4 Third theme (one or two paragraphs)
5 Forth theme (one or two paragraphs)
6 Fifth theme (one or two paragraphs)
7 Concluding summary statement (one paragraph)
-Paper must be word-processed, with one-inch margins all the way around, double-spaced , with exactly 12-point font(between 85-90 charaters across a minimum of 23 lines per page)
-if you use any source other than Candide, you must include a “Works Cited” page which does not count toward the mandated 5 page length.
-all quotations must be followed by page numbers in parentheses,and denote the author.

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