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Assignment Questions

Security and Privacy

A measure of both security and privacy are necessary government objectives for the freedom of all Canadians. The September 11th , 2001 attacks resulted in a re-organization of Canada’s safety and security infrastructures. In particular, many of Canada?s border activities now have a tighter focus on national security objectives.
Using appropriate course content, language and new research materials, describe this shift toward national security commenting on its potential threat to the privacy of Canadians. Can these two important objectives be reconciled?
Please Note: Remember that privacy is guarded both through overarching government policy (Privacy Commissioner), legislation and constitutionally via the Charter of Rightsand Freedoms.**use these sources**
Also, please use relatively new resources and new and upto date newspaper articles etc. If use article please use peer reviewed articles. In addition, please use endnotes and properly cite them.
Thank You

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