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Assignment Questions

Separating the Value of Creation


I would like an essay answering each of the following questions with NO MORE THAN 200-250 words per question.

1. Why might a negotiator want to separate the value creation and distribution phases when negotiating? What advantages and disadvantages does this approach offer, whether psychologically or in other strategic ways? Give an example from at least one negotiation you?ve carried out in the course.

2. What are some innovative ways of creating value in negotiation? And, why is ?bundling? issues, rather than taking them up one by one, often important? Choose one of our negotiation exercises, and explain how you would approach a similar situation in the future the same way or differently, based on the concepts in your answer and how the negotiation went. We want you to offer a brief negotiation analysis, and extrapolate from that to derive lessons for your future practice.

3. In your opinion, what is a fair approach to distributing value? What is an efficient approach, and why does efficiency not ensure fairness? Use a few examples from negotiations you?ve carried out in the course.

You can use examples from the following list: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/urban-studies-and-planning/11-011-the-art-and-science-of-negotiation-spring-2006/assignments/

USE ONLY: Appleton vs. Baker, Theotis Wiley and Redstone.

I would like the essay to be grammatically complex as well.

Thank you

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