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Assignment Questions

Sexual Harassment and Men’s Emphatic Accuracy in Sexual Harassment

The format of this document needs to be a “practical chapter” regarding policies, procedures, training, and investigations of complaints of discrimination.

This document needs to (a) define Empathic Accuracy, (b) link Empathic Accuracy to Sexual Harassment issues, and (c) WHICH SHOULD BE THE BULK OF THIS DOCUMENT PLEASE…specifically articulate why training programs in sexual harassment should consider men’s empathic accuracy in sexual harassment. This last section should provide detailed “practical strategies” regarding men’s empathic accuracy in sexual harassment to be offered by human resource managers, consultants, trainers in sexual harassment, etc and stimulate more research/increase awareness in workplacediscrimination. Men must be the focus, NOT WOMEN please.

This document will need at least 20 references in APA style, but would like the author to reference some of the articles written by Schweinle, William and Ickes, William in the area of Empathic Accuracy and by Roseman, Christopher on Empathy in Sexual Offenders.

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