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Assignment Questions

Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg Ohio Oxford World’s Classics edition

for, Paper 2 you are to locate one work of criticism of “Winesburg, Ohio” listed under “Criticism on pages xxix – xxx of the Oxford World’s Classics edition(such as The achievement of Sherwood Anderson; essays in criticism White, Ray Lewis, and Critical essays on Sherwood Anderson / [edited by] David D. AndersonAnderson, David D.). With your own reading of selections from “Winesburg, Ohio” in mind, you will analyze the critical approach. In your analysis you might focus on a key piont or points made in the criticism; these key points will provide the basis for your essay about the criticism. As I grade your essay I will be looking to how perceptive you are in your readings of both “Winesburg” and the artcle about it. Simply agreeing with the article says doesn’t show too much insightful analysis on your part; thus, it might make for a stronger essay if you seek to challenge the critic’s reading. Obviously such an approach means that you should have your own notions of howthe novel should be read, validated by supporting quates and moments from the text of “Winesburg.”

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