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Assignment Questions

Slavery in the Carribean

This research paper should show the social, economical and political accpects of Slavery in the Carribean. Emphasis should be shown on islands of Jamaica, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago. Show the massive industry that was built out of this natural resource (sugar cane) as a result of slavery. Ensure that the social life of the slaves are discuss and how the influence of culture was now transcended into the Carribean as a result.

Please note the following Resources can best assist in the information needed to successfully produce this paper.

#1 Erick Williams “Capitalism & Slavery”

#2 Carrington “Sugar Industry”

#3 Colin Palmer ” The first Passage” In To Make Our World Anew: A History of African American. New Yourk; Oxford University Prss, 2000:3-52. Edited by Robin D.G. Kellyey and Earl Lewis

#4 Jacob Carruthers “Irritated Genie: An Essay on the Haitian Revolution. Chicago: Kemetic Institue, 1985.

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