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Assignment Questions

Social Position satire in Anthony Trollope’s The Way We Live Now

Choose a topic that is Victorian and limited(I have done this for you). Focus on one work, or related works bye the same author or by different authors. For example, Charlote Bronte deals with different aspects of “the woman problem” in Jane Eyre and Villette, and Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy to the same in David Copperfield and Tess of the d”Urbervilles.
Consult a few (3-5) critical authorities on this topic. Combine their views with yoiur own thoughtful analysis of a problem in the work(s). In this paper analyze the problem dealt with(or implied by) the work/pair of works; state and develope a thesis that agrees, disagrees with, or modifies the authorities” interpretation of the problem.
This paper needs to have parenthetical citations, and this particular prof likes lots of them so don”t be afraid to have too many(at least one per page is prefered). And of course I need a bibliography with it.
This paper also needs to be double spaced.

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