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Sociology of Crime using structural conflict perspective

*this is term paper for ‘Sociology of Crime’, there are
three perspective of looking at crime. They are symbolic interectionist perspective, ethonomethodolgy perspective and ‘structural conflic perspective’. This paper should provide a structural conflict analysis of the relevent aspects of the social construction of crime. Main topic would be creating ‘anti-terrorist law’ and criminalizing it to protect the interest of capitalist. Use Karl Marx ideas of capitalism since ‘structural conflict perspective’
derived from Karl Marx’s theory.?

Some example of information that should be included in the term paper:

From the morning of September 11th, 2001, the political environment in U.S. has been changing and it has open up a whole new chapter of human history of conflict in global society. It was a truly disastrous scene that no one ever
thought about happening in downtown New York.?Public concerns were high and media and politians work together to find out the solution for the faced ??terrorist attacks?? on U.S soil.?Since then, they have been putting military
action against Afganistan and Iraq to engage in ??war against terrorism??.?This is done by creating and passing new type of anti-terrorist law that supposed to
increase the security of U.S. people and be free from the future terrorist attack. These policies and laws been building the ground for justifying the war.

We will be using ??structural conflict approach?? to examine how ??anti-terrorist law?? was created and the inequality produced by this law.

The ??war on terror?? can be viewed from the structural conflict aspect. We will use analyze state??s protection of capitalist interest through accumulation, legitimation and coercion. I would put emphasis on state??s use
of coercion since military actions has been taking places in countries like Afganistan and Iraq. Using Karl Marx??s ideas of capitalism, we can analyze and
get a good sense of ??war on terror?? on a different viewpoint.?In this paper, we will also focus on newly created ??anti-terrorism?? law since 9/11 attack.
We will look into details of who has benefited from these laws and who had been put to a disadvantageous position. (Benefited groups: Corporate involved in rebuilding Iraq, Oil involvement. and other) (Disadvantage: Racial profiling,
Eventual domination of Upper class over Lower class??) Also, we would look into aspects of U.S invasion of Afganistan and Iraq in terms of war benefiting some of the wealthiest and powerful groups in U.S.

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