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Assignment Questions

Solutions to Water Quality Issues

Please read Garret Hardin’s essay “The Tragedy of the Commons” before writing the essay. (I will provide the documents for you)

Write a 6-page, double spaced essay in which you use key ideas from Hardin’s essay to discuss and suggest a solution to the following current environmental problem:

Water quality issues especially from organic chemicals including fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and personal health care products.

See recent issues (2011-2012) of the ACS journal Environmental Science and Technology for a number of relevant papers.

Here’s the grading rubric of this essay:

– contains the problem statement and thesis; provides sufficient background material; defines important terms; orients reader to the rest of the paper
– clearly stated thesis outlines topic focus and analysis/argument

Adhered to Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons”
– clear and concise summary of Hardin’s paper
– concepts from Hardin are chosen appropriately and explain clearly
– Hardin concepts are used to analyze and understand specific problem
– Presents possible solutions, again using concepts from Hardin as an analytical tool

Research/ Sources: (here are some resources that you can use for the essay)
Relevant sources from good quality publications are preferred.

Dhawale, S.W., 1993, Introducing the Treatment of Waste and Wastewater in the General Chemistry Course: Applying Physical and Chemical Principles to the Problem of Waste Management; Journal of Chemical Education, v. 70, (5), pp. 395.

LeClair, V., 1997, MTBE Water Contamination Raises Health Concerns, Research Questions; Environmental Science & Technology, v. 31, (4), pp. 176A-177A.

Magnuson et al., 2005, Responding to Water Contamination Threats; Environmental Science & Technology, v. 39, (7), pp. 153A-159A.

Newman, A., 1991, ES&T Water Quality for the Year 2000; Environmental Science & Technology, v. 25, (9), pp. 1540-1541.

Page, W.G., 1981, Comparison of Groundwater and Surface Water for Patterns and Levels of Contamination by Toxic Substances; Environmental Science & Technology, v. 15, (12), pp. 1475-1481.

PS: I will also provide past essay for this topic for your reference. Thank you.

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