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Assignment Questions

Sonar and Naval in WWW I and WWW II

Write a research paper on Sonar Research and Naval Warfare 1914-1954 and how it’s manifestation changed 20th Century Naval and Maritime Operations during World Wars I & II. The Research Paper should be 13-16 pages in length (typed 12 font, double spaced) and answer the following questions: (1) What the major question(s) or puzzle(s) that the paper seeks to address is/are; (2) What concept or theories will be used; (3) What hypotheses and variables will be used; and (4) What case or cases will be examined for evidence. It should include a thesis paragraph, a clear statement of hypotheses, variables and cases in the paper.The course is 20th Century Intelligence Operations, so the focus is on how Sonar helped to change the war and How Sonar was used as an Intelligence avenue to gain an advantage from both sides.

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