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State Emergency Operations Centers EOC in the United States

I need a bibliography page.

Research Paper
An emergency manager has an awesome responsibility to provide effective, orderly and efficient leadership and response, if a disaster strikes. As we are learning, each disaster is unique and requires different strategies. Therefore, planning is one of the most critical components to and effective preparedness, response and recovery for to any type of disaster, be it natural or technological.

Research Paper requirements:
1. Identify two (2) separate State Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) in the United States,
a. Review individually how they are set up and provide a written detailed overview of their make-up,
b. Include the different organizations that are involved,
c. How the organizations interact with or are apart of the EOC
d. What is the responsibilities of each member to the EOC,
e. Who activates the EOC at the time of an emergency,
f. How the EOC responds to a emergency/disaster and coordinates the efforts of all responsible parties,
g. Is there a separate warning system to alert the organizations of an impending emergency/disaster,
h. What laws if any, enable the EOC to act,
i. Does the public or public agencies have a mechanism to notify the EOC of an emergency/disastrous situation, and
j. Any other information you feel is important and that relates to the operation of the EOC.
2. Compare the two organizations identifying their:
a. Strengths,
b. Weaknesses,
c. Similarities.
3. Conclude the research project with:
a. Your opinion on which State has the most effective EOC,
b. Your opinion on what you liked or disliked about how the EOC’s operate, and
c. Any recommendations on how to improve the current EOC’s or for future programs.

Your research paper will provide you with invaluable information for the future. It will expose you to the different or similar methodologies for dealing with emergency situations and give you a foundation as an emergency manger to understand the enormous tasks ahead.

In addition, the paper will allow you, to appreciate the responsibility an emergency manager has to provide effective and efficient disaster response to the citizens they are to protect.

I am looking for comprehensive research/compairson paper written at a Masters level:
– You will be required to completely research the topic,
– Uitize any resources you feel is necessary to complete this task including any magazines, newspapers,professional journals or internet web-sites,
– Use APA styles when citing your references,
– You are required to have a cover page that includes the title and your name,
– You are required to include a complete bibliography,
– There is no page or word requirement for the research paper, but you must make sure that the topic has been completely researched and your thoughts, opinions and/or personal views have been included. I am interested in a quality paper not one that is long and wordy, and
– You will be graded on how well you researched the topic and intergraded the facts and your opinions.

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