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Story analysis on Two Kinds by Amy Tan

This essay has to be an analysis essay of a story(“Two Kinds” by Amy Tan).
Here are things to remember when a writer starts to write this essay.
1. Do not join independent clauses with only a comma, or worse, nothing at all. Always use a semicolon or a comma with a coordinating conjunction.
2. Separate nonessential dependent clauses from independent clauses with a comma.
3. Make sure your argument follows common sense. If your argument cannot be defended with facts, it may be invalid.
4. Please use MLA format. Be very careful on how to use quotation correctly(especially, proper format for set off quotations). If it is no longer than 4 lines then you don’t have to set it off, you can just put it in with sentences. There is no limit for using quotations. Cite any sources you use in MLA style. Remember to use in text citations!!
5. A dash(-) is two hyphens.
6. Use colons to indicate an example or a list. Ex) She bought three things at the store: bread, milk, and eggs.
7. Pronouns have to agree with their antecedents in number. Ex) Wrong: A student should always bring their book.
Right: A student should always bring his or her book.
Right: Students should always bring their books.
8. Remember that a complete sentence has a subject and a complete verb; it is not dependent on another sentence to complete its meaning. It should be able to stand alone.
9. Use spell check, grammar check, online thesaurus, whatever else you can find to make your papers better, more compelling, more interesting for viewers to read.(grammer, comma, spelling, usage of word and run on sentences)
10. Make sure to analyze the story right and in detailed. This essay could include for example, who is telling this story?, is it from 1st person, 2nd person or 3rd person. Also, how is the character?, is he or she flat character, round character, static character or dynamic character. What is this story tells us? etc..
Plus, when you are analyzing a certain part, don’t forget to give proper evidences that goes with your contents.

Please follow above directions for this essay.
P.S)I am a female Korean, who came to U.S 8 years ago. I am not sure if this information will help the writer when he or she writes this essay but just hope it could help.

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