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Structural Inequality and Diversity

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Background Objectives
My major objective is to understand the root-cause of the structural inequality with the aim to become a change agent by helping some of the third world countries revamp their education systems so that they provide equal opportunities for their children.

My paper will be organized into two chapters. Chapter one will be devoted to the root cause of the structural inequality, social stratifications and the disasters that Social Darwinism brought to humanity; especially the racial oppression against aboriginal and the black people in the United States. In chapter two I will examine the role of corporate influence in deciding the fate of our children’s education.

My goals for this KA area are in alignment with the overall course goals which are:
1. To understand the mechanisms by which systemic oppression is produced and reproduced.

2. To gain a broader understanding of various forms of oppression and structural inequality in education and/or other social systems.

3. To gain strategies for transforming inequality in education and/or other social systems.

4. To understand the experiences of oppression through the voices of those who live it.

5. To examine how structural inequality impacts our lives and work.
Learning Goals for the Overview & the In-Depth Study
My focus is to conduct comprehensive overview of the history of structural inequality to:
? Gain deeper understanding of how inequality is created and maintained in society.
? Gain a broader understanding of various forms of oppression and structural inequality in education.
? Gain strategies for transforming inequality in education.
? To understand the experiences of oppression through the voices of those who live it (example, aboriginal people).
? Examine the role of corporate influence in deciding the fate of our children’s education.
Learning Goal for the Applied Project
Since I am leading the establishment of four schools and a university in Saudi Arabia based on the Canadian education system, I will present my views on the subject of inequality to selected Saudi education leaders. This is a unique opportunity to stress the issue of the women rights in a society characterized by gender inequality.
• Apply some of the gained strategies to inspire educational leaders to embrace change
Possible Readings


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