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Assignment Questions

Summary of the Dissertation on the Journey Through the Dissertation Writing Process

Please write a summary of the Dissertation entitled, “The Journey through the Dissertation Writing Process: Do Relationships Matter?” by Michelle Pride, PhD. Michigan State; 2005, 185 pages, AAT3204780. Length of summary should be between 150 and 200 words. Please point out the dissertation process including the mentoring process and the role of the dissertation committee.

Next, please write a summary on 3 dissertations of your choice that deal with ESOL, ESL, and/or TOEFL. Each summary should be between 150 and 200 words. IF you cannot find a full-text dissertation, you can summarize it using the abstract.

Total number of summaries is 4. Please include at least 1 in-text citation and cite page number if appropriate for each summary.

APA format, 1 inch margins top, sides and bottom. 12 point Font, Times New Roman.

At the end, please include a list of APA-formatted citations for ALL resources found.

Thank you!

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